You Can Now Contact Uber’s Agents Through Telephone Calls

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Uber has been serving its customers since March 2009, although it wasn’t as popular as it is today, it was still in service. Uber’s riders and drivers enjoy this idea of ridesharing that was put in place by Travis Kalanik and his pals.

From my opinion, it’s a very successful idea since the company itself has reached success. The point of having this ridesharing service was to be a safer way of transportation while being reliable to its riders. Although you may hear of some issues involving Uber’s drivers once in awhile, the majority of the rides are totally safe and reliable like Kalanik wanted them to be.

Unfortunatley, there’s one thing that Uber’s drivers have been asking for and could never recieve it until now. This one thing that we’ve been asking for from day one was for us to have a phone number to contact Uber’s agents when needed. Unfortunately, it has taken them so long before they actually have a working telephone number for us.

Although there are several other avenues to take to contact Uber when we’re in need of assistance, people always feel better talking live on the phone with their assistant. And good communication access is also a very important aspect in business.

Uber has announced a telephone number that’s made available to us. Here’s the number, 1800-593-7069. When you call this number you’ll be able to talk to an Uber agent who should be able to help you with your inquiries.

When can you use this number?

Unfortunately,1800-593-7069 isn’t a 24/7 assistant phone number. It’s accessible from 8:00 AM-3:30 PM Pacific time, Monday through Friday. So, if you’re in need of assistance during the non-working hours or during the weekends, you’ll need to to contact them through email (

From my experience their email support team is very good. They will reply to your email with as much information as they can. Additionally, they don’t take long to respond to your email.

They do have a live chatline directly on their website (, but this chat isn’t available all the time as well. So your best bet would be the email support if you can’t access them through the phone number.

You can call directly from the app, I think this is a way for them to have your information when you call.

It’s pretty easy and simple to use:

  1. Open the Uber app – Go to “Account” at the bottom of the screen
  2. Tap “Help”
  3. Tap the phone icon in the upper right corner
  4. Tap “Call Support”

That’s all it takes to put you in contact with an Uber;s agent.

The next time you’re on the road and want to contact Uber ASAP, you shouldn’t have any problem. As long as it’s within working hours you should be good to go.

Please share with us bellow how you usually get a hang of Uber’s agents.

Are they always helpful to you? If not, please elaborate with us, we want to hear your experiences. Hopefully your experiences can help others who are going through the same problem you were.