What A Great Experience I’ve Had With The Driver’s Lyft Application Process!

I must say I was very surprised to see how smooth and quick it was for me register and be accepted as a Lyft driver. It all happen in 5 business days.

What is Lyft? Many of you may not know about Lyft since Uber has been around a little longer, but it’s rideshare company just like Uber.

Lyft works the same way as Uber by connecting ride seekers with drivers through their mobile application. Almost everything is very similar to Uber.

They do not utilize cash since the phone’s application comes with a feature that enables the payments to be done smoothly via cards.

Why am I so happy about the way the driver’s registration went for me?lyft registration process

Usually, before I decide that I want to do something I have the habit of conducting a research to see what other people are saying.

I was very disappointed to read from a website that I can’t recall the name of that sometimes drivers are placed on a waiting list before they’re actually able to drive.

Nonetheless, that did not refrain me from sending in an application to become a Lyft driver.

It’s brand new story, in fact I’ve not even started driving yet as I’m writing this article. I will make sure that I keep you guys posted on my experience with Lyft when I start driving.

It has been five days since I sent in my application. In the application there’s a question that ask you when would you like to meet with a mentor. I think If I had setup my appointment for an earlier date everything would have been completed even earlier.

But I’m glad with the experience anyway.

The mentor is just a Lyft driver in your area who is employed by Lyft to meet with new applicants and record information for the company.

My acceptance email came in three days after meeting with the mentor. By the way, you have to pass the mentor assessment. It’s nothing though, a picture of you and your car would be taken, and some of them would even take you for a drive which I did not have to do.

How would I compare the Lyft and Uber registration process?

They’re both very different from one another. If you’re applying in Uber you will have to upload your documents yourself. You will need to take your own profile picture and there’s no mentor meeting.

Contrary to Lyft, each one of these things are done by the mentor while he or she is in the meeting with you.

This meeting only took us 25 minutes, that was all. You get to ask questions that you need answer to and the mentor would go through the app in your phone with you to show you how to accept a request for a ride through how to finish it.

One thing I did not like with my mentor was that he showed up 10 minutes late. I was waiting for him 15 minutes before the appointment time which turned out to be a 30 minutes waiting for me although I was at my house.

Other than that everything went very smoothly and I got accepted, and not only that I don’t have to be on any waiting list as I was informed.

How much is the Lyft bonus reward for new drivers?

This is again wonderful for prospect Lyft drivers. Their bonus for new drivers can be as high as $750 depending on the city you reside in. If you want to know how much it is in your home city or in the city where you live you can do a simple search online and find out.

Luckily you won’t have to search for a promo code because I have mine right here for you. Once you apply through this link here we both will receive a reward. It will mean very much to me and I will be very thankful for that.

If you apply directly through the Lyft website you will not be eligible for the bonus. I don’t know why it’s like that but this is the way it works.

In order to earn the bonus you have to apply through someone else’ promo code and do at least 30 trips within 30 days. The earlier you complete your 30 trips the sooner you’ll receive your bonus.

As you’ve read from my experience the process does not take long. If you have to choose between Uber and Lyft in term of faster acceptance rate, Lyft would win this battle according to my experience though.

For the current Lyft drivers who are reading this article, how was the registration process for you? Please share with us in the comment section below to better help the rest of our readers.

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photo by: freedigitalphotos.net-nongpimmy