13 Mistakes That Can Get You Deactivated As An Uber Driver

Thing that can get an uber driver deactivated

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If you’re an Uber driver, you’d probably enjoying giving rides until you find that your driver’s account has been deactivated.

This is the nightmare of so many Uber drivers out there. Waking one morning, trying to log into the app, but this message pops up in the screen.

  • “Your driver account has not been activated”
  • “The partner account you drive under has been disabled”

Very disapointing, right? I’d assume so since I’ve never gotten deactivated before. Some of you may have an idea of why you’re deactivated while many of you may not know of the reason.

There are so many reasons that can get your account deactivated as an Uber driver. I figure knowing them could help you, so I’ve decided to compile a list of 13 of them to share with you.

Let’s get to the list…

1- Driving a different car

If you’re driving a car that’s not registered into your account you’re just asking for trouble. Uber will not feel sorry for you at all in this case.

As long as you’ve not been reported by a rider you’re fine, but once that happens Uber will be straight up in your case. Your account will be suspended until you’ve proven otherwise.

In order for a car to be used as an Uber car it’s required that it’s registered with Uber. By registering with Uber I mean all the documents should be uploaded on the driver’s account.

You might have more than one car and think that it’s not a big deal to just pick one. The one that’s registered with Uber is the one that’s legal to be used.

Let’s say that you’re unfortunate one day and get into an accident with an unregistered Uber car while you’re working. Do you have any idea in what you would put your self?

Uber would not cover for your damages and you would be deactivated as a result of that. Making matter worse, if your car’s insurance find out that you were driving as an Uber driver they would most likely give you some very hard time.

You would most likely be left alone in term of insurance. Meaning you’d have to take care of your damage if that’s the case.

Don’t put yourself through all these hassles, just do it the right way. And you’ll have peace of mind in case something happens.

2- Unsatisfied ratings

An average rating of less than 4.6 stars is subjected to be deactivated. Although it may not be too easy to receive 5 star ratings from your riders. You should at least try to do your best to get good ratings.

I have written a post on how to receive 5 star ratings from your riders because I know that it’s a very important subject for us drivers.

If you do a little research you’ll find so many drivers talking about one common thing; the rating system, and about how unfair it is to them.

Uber is taking its rating system very seriously. In fact, it’s because of this hard system that Uber is doing so much better than the regular taxi cabs.

If this system was not like it is currently many Uber drivers would have some of the most imaginable habits on the roads, which could have cost Uber so much.

3- Asking for tips

This one is a no, no. Under no circumstance you should ask your riders for tips. There’s no way to justify that. We do believe that we deserve to be tipped, but it’s up to the riders to know whether or not they should tip us.

Uber considers that as degrading, they’ve fired some drivers for this before. If you were thinking about this strategy it may not be a good one for you.

If you do ask for tips you might get reported and the consequence will cost you way more than the couple of dollar you would receive as the tip.

4- Unsafe driving habit

Every driver should know that this would not go unnoticed and Uber would most likely deactivate the account.

The Goal of Uber Company is to give reliable and safe ride to its riders.

Uber is dedicated to keeping people safe on the road. Our technology enables us to focus on rider and driver safety before, during, and after every trip.

If you’re against Uber’s goal, you’re definitely against Uber as well. Uber Company will not tolerate that.

5- Making riders uncomfortable

It may be unbelievable, but it’s true, some drivers do make their riders feel uncomfortable. Uber is competing with Lyft and some other well recognized ridesharing companies.

Making riders uncomfortable is to push them away to the competitors.

When you’re running a business you should do all that you can not to lose your customers to your competitors, not trying to push them away.

That’s why Uber will never take this issue lightly, they can lose customers which may not be  easy for them to accept.

6- Cancelling too many trips

Although you may think that you’re a private contractor as Uber usually refers to us. We do get punished for cancelling too many ride requests.

I understand that sometimes you may have to cancel a request or two for a reason or another. But you cannot get into the habit of doing this consistently.

Cancelling a ride can cause a rider to pay more. Let’s say that a rider requests a ride during a surging in price and you happen to be the one who receives the ping, you accept it to later cancel it.

If this rider is unlucky the surge may be even more by the time the next driver is pinged to pick him or her up.

That’s not a good experience for riders and Uber does not like that at all. They want their riders to be happy after each trip. If the trip cost them more than it was supposed to be there’s no way they will be happy.

We’ve heard of many stories of where a rider contacts Uber for a trip fee they think that’s too high. Oftentimes, they do get reimbursed, other times they don’t.

Uber has started with a new method which has its driver suspended for 10 minutes when too many trips has been cancelled.

I’ve heard from some other drivers that it’s like the beginning of a deactivation process. If you keep getting suspended for 10 minutes they’ll reach a point where they’ll deactivate you permanently.

7- Having another person in the car

Why would someone thinks that it’s okay to do that? Having someone else in your car while driving for Uber is not acceptable.

To be honest If I request for an Uber and my driver has someone in the car, I’ll just go ahead and cancel the trip.

It should not happen at all; if you’re working then you should be alone in the car. That’s the way it goes with any rideshare company.

Don’t think that you can pick up a fare while you’re dropping your friend off. You may be trying to save a few bucks, but you’ll lose more in the long haul.

8- Forget to update your documents

Uber usually send notifications either by email or a text message to remind its drivers about an approaching expiring date.

You always have to update your documents, such as your driver’s license, your car’s registration, and insurance.

It does not take much time to get that done, you can do that straight from your phone. That’s how easy it is to get it set. The Uber app unlike some other companies makes it very easy for this purpose.

You only have to snap a picture of your document and get it uploaded. It could not have been any simple than that.

If you fail to do so, then you’ll be deactivated until you provide the new document.

9- You don’t accept enough rides

Uber expects you to accept at least 90% of your requests. If you fail anywhere below this cutoff you may be in trouble.

I remember when I was just starting driving for Uber, I received an email which had all the information. One thing that stays in my mind is “Don’t login if you’re not ready to drive.”

It’s to prevent you from getting ping when you’re not ready to hit the road. Any time you ignore a ping Uber’s taking note of that.

Ignoring too many will have them deal with you and you won’t like what might happen.

10- Criticizing Uber on social media

Uber does not like when its drivers are the one being criticizing them over the net. In fact there was a driver who got deactivated for that, this story was all over the internet.

If you’re an Uber driver and would like to talk about Uber on your social media page it’d have to be something positive about them.

If you don’t have anything positive to say about them it’d be better for you to keep quiet unless you have another job 🙂 .

You don’t want to lose your access to the partners’ app if you don’t have another avenue to make money.

11- Getting commercial licenses

According to Curbed,

Uber has recently suspended accounts for “at least a dozen” UberX drivers who got their cars properly licensed, according to Buzzfeed. The drivers belong to a group who took advantage of Uber’s financing program for new cars; the program pairs drivers with lenders willing to finance cars with ultra-risky subprime loans that carry high interest rates, and in this case the dealer insisted on the commercial registration.

Although this was last year to be correct. Uber does not accept commercial lisences from its drivers.

Commercial licenses require lots of regulations which Uber does not want to be a part of. This could be the umber one reasons why they opt out from commercial licenses.

12- Advertising with your car

You may get tempted to start making some extra cash on the side while driving for Uber. All the taxi cabs have at least on commercial ad on top of them.

Some carry their commercials on their side. We even see that same strategy being applied in other mean of transportation, such as buses, trains, just to name a few.

Uber does not want to get to this point with its drivers. It would be ackward since Uber’s cars would look very similar to taxi’s cabs. I don’t think it would be something that I would want to do with my car.

Recently, there’s was an uber driver who’ve got in trouble for advertising in his car while Ubering.

Lara O’reilly, a writer at Business Insider says the following:

The move comes after an unofficial in-car advertising service for rideshare and on-demand drivers launched in the US earlier this month. Viewswagen asks drivers to download two apps which sync together: One of their smartphones, and another for a tablet, which can be positioned in the back of their car for passengers to view and play with.

This service was made available for rideshare drivers such as Uber, Lyft, and others. With this service drivers are able to earn an additional $3 per hour.

It does sounds good to have this feature in your car, but for some reasons Uber discourages its drivers to be a part of such advertisement service.

13- Get into an altercation with a rider

Anytime you hear of a driver gets in contact physically with a rider it always result in deactivation of the driver.

It’s common sense if you’d ask me. You should not be fighting with your customer for whatever the reason may be.

I’m not saying you should not defend yourself; there’s a difference between self defense and attacking.

If you’re defending yourself, you did not have any choice. It sucks to get deactivated because you were just defending yourself.

But if you’re the one who causes the whole thing, it’s not a good look for not only you but Uber as well.

That’s why they would not think twice to fire you or deactivate you from their partner’s app.

In conclusion

No one who drives for Uber would want to see that he or she has been deactivated from the app; unfortunately, it does happen very often.

There are so many reasons for an Uber driver to get deactivated from Uber.

This post has stated many of them for you. I think you’re now have a clear idea of some of the aspects that can kick you out from Uber.

I hope this could be very helpful to you and helps you not to make some of those mistakes cited above.

Don’t forget to comment and share!

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