Uber driver requirements

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When it comes to getting into the world of offering transport services, many can feel like the conditions or the quality of offers in a traditional taxi company can be quite limited, at best. However, for anyone in this position, there is always another opportunity.

Uber is one of the most popular freelance taxi firms on the planet at this moment in time, and it offers and easy way for drivers to make a living through a service which is fair to everyone.

However, as you might imagine, Uber driver requirements are quite strict. Not everyone can drive for the company, as the very basic rules say that you must be at least 21 years old, and you also need to come with at least three years of driving experience. You also need to verify your driving history, and to provide any information on your driving qualities from previous countries and/or states that you lived in.

However, there are other Uber driver requirements that you need to take into account;

  • A chosen Uber driver will need to come with in-state car insurance, signed in their name and no other party.
  • Also, they must have an in-state Driver’s License and a Social Security Number. These are needed for the mandatory background check, part of your Uber driver requirements.
  • You also need an in-state car registration. However, this does NOT have to be in your name.

The Background Check

Every potential driver has to go through a background check as part of their Uber driver requirements. Typically, you need to be able to show that in the last seven years you have not had any;

  • DUI or drug-related offences.
  • No-insurance or license incidents.
  • No fatal accidents.
  • No dangerous driving events.
  • No criminal history of any kind.

Breaking any of these elements will make it harder for you to pass the Uber driver requirements – most of the time, it will make it impossible.

The Vehicle Check

However, even if you pass the background check, you need to show that you can be trusted as a driver. This means showing that you have any of the following;

  • A 4-door Sedan, with 4 or more passengers capable of fitting excluding the driver.
  • A car that has a 2001 or newer plate, with in-state plates included.
  • No marked, taxi or salvaged vehicles are allowed – the car must be “normal”.
  • The car must also pass a clear Uber vehicle inspection, making sure it’s roadworthy.
  • The car also must be registered at this period of time, although the car does not have to be registered in your name.
  • Make sure that you check with your own city district as they may have other Uber driver requirements that have to be dealt with. For example, some will want cars with a more modern plate than 2001.

To apply to join the Uber force, if you think that you will pass the Uber driver requirements, you simply need to apply

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