Uber Background Check – Are Uber Drivers Thoroughly Vetted?

uber back gound check

credit: expungecenter.com

When signing up to work with Uber, it’s important to note that all drivers are subject to a major Uber  background check to make sure they are a suitable fit for the role. Being involved with a company like Uber means putting in the work and being able to show you are a suitable drier, but it also means showing that you can be a reliable asset on the roads in terms of your personality, too. To minimize the risk of causing you any problems when it comes to working for Uber, prepare yourself for going through various Uber background checks.

The company that Uber use to go through all background checks is known as Checkr, one of the most reputed names in the business. They know how to best carry out the screening process and are typically quite accurate at finding people who may otherwise not be suitable for a role with Uber.

To sign up with Uber, you need to provide key details such as:

  • Your full name, date of birth and Social Security Number.
  • A copy of your driver’s license, as well as your license number.
  • Registration number and insurance for your vehicle.
  • Proof of successful vehicle inspection.

If you can provide all of these details which are part of your driver requirements to drive for Uber, then you can be eligible for a background check. However, just providing this information is not enough – you still have to go through the check itself to make sure you are a viable potential contractor for the company to hire.

What Determines Uber Background Check Success

To start with, you will be run through major databases such as the National Criminal Search, the Dru Sjodin National Sex Offender Public Website and also major databases for the flagging of any potential suspects in terrorism. You will also be screened by the Motor Vehicle Registration firm to ensure that all vehicle details provided are as accurate as claimed.

This shows information on your background such as speeding, so you can’t hide poor past driving performance when it comes to signing up with Uber.

Uber asks Checkr to go back as far as seven years when looking at forms, so if you have any kind of conviction or issue in the last seven years that may stop you from being an Uber driver, be prepared.

Should anything be found then Checkr has its time pull the file and check it electronically, or they have it investigated by a member of staff when possible. Criminal record verification is a benefit for anyone ground through the Uber background check as it avoids the false attribution of criminal events to you.

What Could Disqualify Me?

If you have any form of disqualification to take place, it will usually be down to the National or DOJ50-State Sex Offender Registry, a criminal conviction or a poor driving history. Each can come back to stop you from gaining employment in this industry, so please keep this in mind when you sign up to try and apply to become a driver with Uber.