Here’s what to Possess if you’re An Uber Driver or Will Be an Uber Driver

be an uber driver requires you to have some of these

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As an Uber driver or someone who’s going to be an Uber driver, you should always try to provide the best service to your passengers, it’s not only important to Uber, but to you as well. When a rider is satisfied with how you treat him or her both parties end up happy.

But if your passengers are unhappy with the service you’re providing, you yourself won’t feel happy as well. You’ll be most likely to receive a lower rate and you may even receive a bad report from those riders.

Now riders are allowed to leave feedback as either comments, issues, or both. If you did everything you were supposed to do correctly, they can leave you some nice words or even tip you, but if you were not professional or were driving recklessly that’ll be another thing.

As an Uber driver, there are some objects you should have in your car at all time. Some drivers may not have all of them, but if you can have them all they’ll be greatly helpful to you as well as your riders.

I’ve compiled this list bellow for you so that you don’t have to keep looking around for what other Uber drivers have in their cars with them. If you’re going to be an Uber driver you can also start taking note from this post.

1- Phone holder

When I started driving with driver I didn’t have a phone holder. I knew it was important to own one, but I thought it wasn’t a big deal since I’m used to holding my phone on my lap or in my hands while driving.

Then it became clear to me that driving as an Uber driver is totally different from driving for my own personal reasons. God forbid you get into an accident while holding your phone, the officer will think that was one of the reasons this accident happens.

Not only that, your riders might be less likely to rate you as a five star driver if your phone is being held in your hands or on your laps. Therefore it’s a must that you have a phone holder, you’ll be a safer driver and you’ll also look more professional.

If you’re going to be an Uber driver I’ll suggest that you buy one first, don’t like I did because it was mistake.

2- A good smartphone

Having a reliable smartphone should be at the top of your list although it isn’t here. The Uber apps work through smartphone, that’s how you’re being matched with your riders when you receive a ping.

Becoming an Uber driver also means that you’ll be using your cellphone a lot more. Not only you’ll need enough data in your plan, you’ll also need to have a phone that’s not going to keep freezing on you.

If you have to get a new phone to drive with Uber, I’ll suggest you do so because you would want to be able to work with the minimum number of troubles as possible.

If you aren’t yet driving with Uber and you want to be an Uber driver, get a reliable cellphone first, then you’ll do the rest as you’re driving and making money.

3- Dual port car charger USB

A cellphone may be able hold power for approximately two to three hours, but if it has to stay on constantly this length of time decreases significantly. Don’t forget you’ll have two apps running at the same time; the Uber app and the maps app.

They put an additional burden on your phone power usage which causes it to burn its energy faster than usual.

Furthermore, it’ll have to be at least a dual USB one so that your riders can use it if they have to. It happens sometimes and you would want to be able to be of assistance to them in this sense.

4- Car chargers

Not only you’ll need a dual port car charger USB, you’ll also need to have at least three different USB charging cords. One for the android users, one for the latest iPhone, and one for the iPhone the came before the latest one.

Your passengers may have been out for a long period of time, where they didn’t have access to a phone charger. Some of them would expect to be able to charge their phone in your car.

If you don’t have a charger available for them to use, they might be reluctant to give you a fiver star rating even when you’ve been great to them. And you know how important it is to have a good rating status as an Uber drivers.

5- Car freshener

It always put a smile on my face when a passenger gets into my car and compliment me on how good my car smells. That’s a very good feeling because some Uber drivers doesn’t take that seriously.

You want to know how do I know that?

Because some of my passengers tell me that. Once they’ve finished complimenting me they start telling me about their bad experiences where the cars smell bad. That’s very unprofessional and unhygienic.

Even if an Uber driver doesn’t take this job serious there’s no reason why he or she should be working with a car that has an unpleasant odor.

And what makes it so bad is that car fresheners aren’t expensive. With just a couple of bucks you can get a pack of three air fresheners. There’s no excuse for that.

6- Child car seat

You’ll be surprised to see how many passengers who’ll get into your car with their child with no car seat. Save yourself the trouble if you’re working or going to work during day-time, buy a child car seat.

You may not like the idea of buying a car seat while you don’t even have a child, but the cost you’ll be paying for one is far less than what you’ll have to pay for a citation if Uber doesn’t want to pay it for you.

7- Emesis or vomit bags

Emesis bags are an important part of any uber driver who drives during the party nights. If you’re going to be an Uber driver and usually have problem hearing others puking, then you shouldn’t drive during the party nights time.

Especially after the bars are closed, that’s when all those who can potentially puke in your car are going home.

Get yourself some emesis bags and placed them in the back of the chairs, somewhere they can be easily seen if a passenger is in need of one.

8- Spot light

You might have to buy a spot flash light, especially if you drive night time. I’m pretty sure you’ve been in situations where you can’t see the house numbers because it’s too dark. If you’re about to be an Uber driver this is a good idea for you.

It’ll definitely helps you because sometimes you might have to step out of your car to look for the house numbers. So with that being said, a spot flash light comes very handy.

9- SunPass or Fas Track

If you’re a Florida resident having a SunPass is almost a must have because you’ll most likely have to pay tolls on some of your routes.

Some riders are inpatient, they don’t like when drivers have to stop and pay toll as they’re on their way.

Fas Track is used in the state of California, if you’re in this part of the states then you might want to get it.


If you’re an uber driver and you don’t have these things yet, now it’s the time to think about them. This list was made to help you to know what you should have in order for you to have a better experience driving with Uber.

If you’re planning to be an uber driver you may be able to start without them, but sooner or later you’ll feel their need.