The Evolution Of How We Commute With Uber: What’s The Uber Business?

What’s the Uber business? Uber was founded in 2009, shortly after that it was launched to several cities throughout the US. The goal was to change the way we commute while giving us a more advanced experience.
Uber works as a connector to connect its riders with Uber drivers through its applications. It’s a very easy system to manage once you start using it.

How exactly does the Uber business work?

If you just want to be able to commute with Uber you won’t have much to do. The only thing that will be required from you is to have either a credit or debit card. Payments are made via their application, meaning you won’t have to carry cash with you.

As an Uber rider you don’t have to do a background check like the drivers are required to. You just go online, do the application process, download the app, and you’re ready to take your first ride.

As a way to welcome you to Uber, they’re giving out $15.00 worth of ride for free to any new rider who have registered through this link here. It’s a great way to try commuting with Uber to see if it’s something you will use in the long run.

But if you want to become an Uber driver that’s a complete different thing. Uber put more requirements for those who want to drive.

What are the requirements to be an Uber Driver?

First thing first, you will need to have a clean driver license. Like I state in my previous post there, a previously suspended driver license would not be accepted by Uber. I know this is kind of tough but they’re trying to keep their riders as safe as they possibly can, which is totally understandable.

You will have to be able to pass a background check. How long does it take for the Uber back ground check? This is a question that’s being paused by many people because a lot of time they find themselves waiting too long for this check to be over with.

According to the Uber support team the background check length of completion is out of their control.

Background checks can take at least 14 business days to complete, but can sometimes take up to a few weeks depending on a number of factors that are out of our control. Please note that we’re unable to speed up this timeline.

What about the car?

In the Uber business, the cars are 10 years old or newer. For example, since we’re in 2016 right now you will need 2006 car or newer in order to drive for Uber.

Your name should be included on the car’s insurance as a primary driver, not a secondary driver. If you’re a secondary driver then your name will not be shown in the insurance card which will not be valid for your Uber registration.

You will need the car’s registration card, but it’s not really necessary for your name to be on it. As long you can prove that you have it you should be fine.

How is the Uber registration process?

The application is quite simple and short. As soon as you done filing the application online you’ll receive a text in your phone asking you to download the Uber partner app. However, you won’t be able to use it to drive until your background check has been cleared.

You can either upload your documents through the Uber website or through your phone. It’s up to you how you want to do that.

You will also receive emails or texts to keep you update with the background process. As you’re waiting they will have you fill a 1099 tax form as well as your bank information for direct deposit.

How is the payment process for an Uber driver?

You may have already known that Uber does not use cash. Everything is done right there in the apps. Riders pay directly through their app, which is a different app from the uber partners. when they ping for a ride the closest driver pick them up.

Once they’re arrived to their final destination drivers complete the trip by sliding their finger on the complete button, and then the bill is paid automatically.

As an Uber partner you will receive your payments through your bank account every week. The payments come through every Wednesday, except in the case when there’s a big holiday such as Christmas then you’ll get paid earlier.

I’ve been working with Uber for 4 months and I’ve never had any problem with my payments. They are very good in this aspect of their business.

You can earn as much as you want per week since you’re the one who’s in charge of your schedule. When the demands are too high for the number of drivers who are available in a given time, Uber puts a surge on the price to encourage drivers to get on the road.

What is surge pricing and how does it work?

Surge pricing comes in effect every time the demands exceed the available drivers. This happens when there’s bad weather, special events, and rush hour.

Those situations cause large numbers of Uber riders to want transportation at the same time. The surging in price attract drivers to get on the road even when they were not planned to drive.

although riders don’t appreciate the fact that they have to pay more for a ride they usually pay less, it’s the best way for Uber to ensure that they are being transported to their destination when there’s a special event.

A surging in price would multiply the regular price to whatever number is the surge. Let say you usually pay $10.00 for your fare, a surge of 1.8x would change it to $18.00.

Do you think driving for Uber is something you would be interested in?

If your answer is no, you can always join anytime you feel like you want some extra cash. But if your answer is yes, you’re making a good decision because you can work for as long as you want and when you feel like it.

And you will meet some exciting people wile you’re riding. Especially if you’re someone who likes to drive, it’s a good feeling to get paid for something you like to do, right?

Use this link to register and become an Uber partner and receive up to $500 after your first 20 rides.