The “Safe Rides Fee” Has Turned Into A Burden For Uber

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Not long ago a rider and I were talking about this fee that Uber Technology Inc. includes in their charge. It’s called “safe rides fee” but no one has ever received any real explanation about such a fee.

Every ride that a rider requests used to have an additional $1.00 charge as the “safe rides fee.” But the fee was changed, the amount was depended on the location where the rider lives. It can be over $2.00 in some cities.

Uber has agreed yesterday to a settlement litigation of a sum of $28.5 million. They agreed to pay this money because they were being misleading to their customers according to two riders who’ve filed for this lawsuit.

The ride hailing service has misrepresented the quality of safety for its passengers as well as the “safe rides fees.”

These issues were brought by those two who felt that they were paying for something that was not existed.

What is the purpose of the “safe rides fee?”

According to the company this fee is to help them conducting potential drivers’ background checks, to help with regular motor vehicle checks, as well as driver safety education, and without forgetting insurance.

Unfortunately, they think that this fee is not being used for these purposes. Because Uber uses a third party service to do background checks, and don’t do like taxi companies do.

The lawsuit filled by those two riders were questioning whether Uber’s background check is good enough. They say that this background check is not the same as the one does by taxi, which required their potential drivers to also do  fingerprinting checks.

I see where they’re coming from because this background check done by Uber may not be able to see everything, but the fingerprint should be able to show more information on potential drivers.

CBS News states “the lawsuits attacked Uber for charging a fee of up to $2.30 per trip for what it called industry-leading background checks on would-be drivers. However, Uber didn’t do the kind of fingerprint checks required of taxi drivers.”

What’s going to happen now?

Uber has agreed to pay $28.5 million settlement. But the fee will still remain and be renamed to “booking fee” instead of “safe rides fee.”

As long as the name is not misleading it won’t be a problem to Uber. Stating that the fee is for riders safety was completely untrue because even the company itself says there could be no 100% security with ridesharing companies.

However no means of transportation can ever be 100% safe. Accidents and incidents do happen. That’s why it’s important to ensure that the language we use to describe safety at Uber is clear and precise.

This was said by the company, but they’re charging their riders a “safe rides fee” which becomes somewhat confusing to riders.

The “booking fee” sounds more acceptable because it’s just a fee that the company would charge riders just for booking the trip. It may be for using the app, or for anything else, but not for the riders’s safety.

I don’t think there would be anymore controversial after the name is changed. We see booking fees in airline companies and many more. There hasn’t been any issue concerning them.

What do you think about this lawsuit, do you think the riders who brought this case forward has done the right thing?

Do you think the fee should just be vanished or do you think the name change should do it?

Share your opinion with us in the comment section.


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