Taxis Are Not Sitting Back And Watch Its Competitors: They’re Making It Easier To Call A Cab

We all may have one or two bad experience(s) with a cab. You may call a cab for an emergency and thirty minutes later this cab still has not reached you yet.

This is one of the many reasons why Uber and Lyft riders are so fortunate to have these two companies as their transporter. Taxi cabs were getting out hand, now since they’ve been shaken up so hard they’re doing all they can to survive.

Will their survive this evolution? I would not want to see them run to their extinction, but it will be a very hard fight for them.

Uber and Lyft are the two top competitors today in the “ridesharing” world. Taxi cabs may have been around much longer than those two, but its age is insufficient to fight with those two.

Age or popularity is not enough in this case, technology is what counts here. If success was based on which one was in business first, or which one is more popular, there’s no doubt taxi cabs would have been the clear winner.

But the fact that people have to use their phones to call a cab instead of using a smartphone app has this new generation opt for the tech.

As we all can see the competition is very stiff on the taxis, they’ve been doing all they can to possibly shut down Uber and Lyft. Unluckily their hard works have not paid off and these two big companies are becoming stronger as days are passing.

Interestingly, Taxis are not giving up and it’s a very good thing for them. If they don’t do their best they might find themselves forgotten in one to two more years.

From what is going on right now it seems to me they’ll not give up so easy at least. They will fight to stay alive and only time will tell us how and when will it all be over.

What is being done by the taxi cabs?

In an effort to be able to compete they have developed a telephone application that will replace their old system. This phone application is very similar to those of Uber and Lyft.

It’s goal is to replace the current, outdated jumble of meters, dispatch, advertising, navigation systems, and credit card readers.

It makes sense to me because technology is not something that stays stable, I think you all would agree with me on that. If smartphones application is the way to go then they better get on that route.

It’s a little hard to call a cab today knowing that with a touch on your phone screen you can have either Uber or Lyft in front of you with no time.

Better yet, the price differences are very huge. Some cities are paying even lower than half the price of a cab fare for an Uber fare.

The good news about them is that their smartphone application can change all that. The same way it is so easy to ping an Uber driver, it will be done with this much ease as well for a cab driver.

The taxis telephone app has been given the green light…

Contrary to Uber company and Lyft, it did not take long for the the taxis to be allowed to use their app in California. This App is from Flywheel and it’s called TaxiOs, it will be available everywhere in the US once it’s approved like in California.

TaxiOs is made available statewide to all the taxi drivers. This app is built in a payment system, navigation system, as well as a dispatch system.

“A smartphone in every car is the only way to advance the taxi industry, and we now have a mobile platform that can replace every expensive and outdated piece of taxi hardware, while making drivers and fleets more money than ever before.”

I think it should make it easier for taxi passengers since we all like the use of technology, specially when it has something to do with our smartphones.

This is a great move for them in my opinion, but it’s very early to really have a good idea as of how well or not so well will it work for them.

But according to them, they have a great feeling as of how well this App should do for them. “We determined that the software provides the same level of accuracy as a taximeter and gives consumers a real-time display of current ride price, something they expect in a taxicab.”

Will there be any surges within this change?

The taxi industry promises they do not have any intend for surges. Nothing will change in term of prices as of now. But they also state that drivers will be able to earn more money according to the quote up there.

How will this happen? I have no idea, as Uber and Lyft are causing their drivers to earn less the cabs company is looking to improve its drivers earnings.

What are the taxi riders are saying about this new change? 

Many of them have shown their happiness, like in anything, some of them are asking for improvement.

When the app works, it’s seamless. And I’ve never waited longer than 5 minutes for a cab.

But when the app doesn’t work, customer service is a disaster. The company is non-responsive, the troubleshooting is so bad it’s laughable, and the customer service clerks mansplain and make infantilizing suggestions.

Response time major needs improvement. They need to keep track of customer information better, and not send the same form email repeatedly.

This is one of the review posts I’ve seen from the app review since Flywheel has been around for awhile. It has just been given permission to function in California, but it’s not a new company.

So some people have already experienced some times with this app as you can see. Will it be the same for the people in California? Let’s wait and see how thing goes for them in the next couple of months.

What Should we conclude with?

Our conclusion is that taxi cabs are not going to give up easily. They don’t care how much they will have to fight or how hard this war is for them. They will stay strong and fight this war until it’s all over.

They’re even thinking that some Uber drivers will make the switch to them. I can’t say whether or not this could be possible, but the way Uber is going right now it may not be impossible.

What do you guys think about the taxi cabs reaction with the technology? Do you think they will survive after all?

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