How To Take An Uber To Mexico From The US

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Take uber to mexico

The ride-hailing company has just announced their newest feature in their App. It’s called “Passport” which is another option for Uber riders to choose from.

Uber is currently being functioned is many countries, but it never crosses any border until now.

The US/Mexico border is their first and we’ll be looking forward for even more in the future.

If you’re a Mexican or if you like to travel to Mexico for any reason, you may find this Uber feature to be very helpful to you.

“It’s very exciting for us because there are a lot of places where we could have launched a cross-border product, but we recognize the importance of the largest border crossing in the world and the unique relationship between San Diego and Tijuana,” said Christopher Ballard who’s the general manager of Uber in Southern California.

He continued to say “These are cities whose families, cultures and economies are closely linked.”

“We saw that over the course of a month that there were multiple trips beginning and ending on both sides of the border,” said Ballard. “People were organically choosing Uber to go from San Diego to the Tijuana border and vice versa.”

Per the general manager, the “Passport” feature is doing very well so far as they’ve expected. You can also see that they’ve chosen the US/Mexico border because it’s the largest in the world.

Being the largest means this border is always congested with cars going back and forth.

It’s a great opportunity for Uber to make money while also helping its riders.

How to actually take Uber to Mexico from the US

First of all, you should know that you can only hail Uber to Mexico, but you can’t take it back to the US.

That’s one thing I don’t like about this new service. I think if you can take it to Mexico they should’ve made it also available to take it back which would’ve been perfect, right?

Unfortunately they couldn’t do it this way, but fortunately I must say, we at least have it for one way.

In order to be able to request a trip to Mexico from the US you will have to be in San Diego. It wouldn’t be in your advantage anyway if you had to request it from farther away. It’s just common sense, it would’ve cost way too much for such a trip.

In fact, I don’t think you’ll be able to see the “Passport” feature in your app if you’re not in San Diego. The Uber company knows that riders from outside of San Diego would not try to request it from that far.

Requesting this service is as easy as requesting a regular Uber ride. If you have never requested an Uber ride before here is how it’s done, very simple.

1- First thing is to register for an Uber rider membership. There’s no charge for that, the only time you get charged is when you actually get rides from Uber drivers.

2- To request a ride from San Diego to Mexico you’ll have to chose the feature that says “passport” from the app. And then set your pick up location.

3- You wait for ride and that’ts it.

It does not require yo to be a high tech person, as long as you have a smart phone you’re good to go.

What’s the cost for this service?

Compare to what you would normally pay for such a trip, Uber is not expensive. The cost for this ride is around $100, the good thing about it is that it can be split up to four persons, making it around $25 each.

This is pretty cheap for a ride as such if you ask for my opinion. You may think the same way too because it’s actually cheap.

Why could this feature be helpful?

Not only you’ll be able to save money, you’ll also be less tired after after the trip than if you were to drive yourself.

One thing to keep in mind though is the fact that you can only ride Uber to Mexico but not the other way around.

It’s only a one way trip, you’ll have to find another option to get you back to the states. Once you cross the border then you can request for an Uber driver.

Nonetheless, it’s still a good thing, especially if more than one person is traveling.

You’ll save a lot.


You may have heard the Uber company is fighting all over the world to keep this company active. At the same time they’re also working very hard to expand to other countries as well as making their service more accessible for riders.

Having Uber as an option to cross the border to Mexico is a very smart move on their part.

Now the question we’re asking is how will it work out for Uber?

Only time will tell, but there’s a great chance that it may be a successful move.

Do you think making Uber available for people who are traveling to Mexico is a good idea given that it’s only one way?

Share your thoughts with us in the comment section.

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