Should I Own A Car Or Should I Ride With Uber Exclusively?

Ride with uber and save money

Bruce Brown/Digital Trends

Should I own a car or should I ride with Uber? It’s a question that’s being asked by so many current Uber riders who don’t own a car. They want to know which one would be the most advantageous to them.

This question doesn’t have a single response to give to everyone who wants to know such information. To better help you with your search I’m going to reply to it in a way that will help almost anyone who’s looking for an answer.

If you choose to ride with Uber, it’ll be in your advantage in many aspects. For example, you can go to bars with your friends and not having to worry about who will be less drunk to drive. In fact, Uber has drastically decreased the number of accidents that are associated with alcohol intoxication.

A study conducted by the Philadelphia’s Temple University found that the mortality rate of car accidents in cities where Uber is being used has decreased by 5.6 percent from 2009 to 2014. That should reassure us that Uber is somewhat safe if you want to put it this way.

So, should you ride Uber exclusively or should you own a car?

You’ll have to look at it from several different perspectives. Riding with Uber only and not owning a car can be either great or not for you if you want to save money. But it all depends on your case. What do I mean about that?

If your plan is to buy a brand new car and you’re someone who doesn’t go out too often. I’d highly advise you to ride with Uber instead. The average monthly car payment for a new car could be as high as $500. If your credit score is good, of course it could be lower, but like I say it’s the average.

This payment will not be the only payment you’ll have to make monthly for this car. Remember you’ll have to pay for insurance and gas as well. According to the Autoblog, you monthly payment could be $633 including interest and insurance. Therefore if you fall into this category your best bet would be to ride with Uber instead of owning a brand new car.

On the other hand, if you’re someone who’s always on the go and doesn’t walk nor bike. Your Uber cost will definitely be higher than owning a car. I’m talking about the heavy users here, not someone who’s using Uber every weekend to go out.

One important thing to keep in mind is that price surges affect the cost significantly depending on how much is the surge. You’ll have to look out for that as well if you’re using Uber on a regular basis and want to save money.

Buying a used car wouldn’t be so bad if themonthly payment isn’t too much for you. With Uber you don’t have to pay if you don’t ride, but owning your car you’re required to pay a monthly bill. So if your income is enough for your monthly payments, a used car should be great for you, but if you’re thinking about buying a new car it may or may not be financially advantageous to you.

Unfortunately, used cars don’t come with any good warranty, some dealership will provide you a one year warranty while others will not.  It’s a chance you’re taking when you buy one. Don’t put your expectation too high so that you don’t feel too bad if it breaks down too quick on you.

Lastly but not least, you can be a medium Uber user as well. If it’s the case your cost will be found just bellow the cost of owning a brand new car which would be saving you some money.

To close up

Uber has been shown to be very effective in enabling its riders to go from point A to Point B safely. Many cases of fatal car accident have been prevented in places where Uber is available. How about driving under the influence (DUI)? I’ve given rides to passengers whom have been in trouble with the law before, they’ve already been in trouble for DUI.

If they were a little more responsible and have chosen to ride with Uber instead of driving under the influence of alcohol, they wouldn’t have to deal with their DUI trouble.

Choosing to ride with Uber may be a money saving path as well. Who doesn’t like to save money? I do…, and I know you do too if you’ve been reading this post until now. Not only you’re saving money when you drive with Uber, you’re also preventing yourself from getting in trouble with the law.