Pay Less with Uber Split Fare When Riding & Paying With Friends

uber split fare

With Uber split fare you save more money!

The Uber ridesharing company has already imposed itself as the giant of this industry. Not only because it provides such a much needed service, its service is also almost incomparable to its competitors.

Uber rides are known for their low costs; in fact it’s one of the aspects that enable this company to be so successful thus far.

Nonetheless, the people behind this ridesharing company are still looking for more ways to make this service even more affordable. So far they provide their riders the ability to carpool, better known as UberPool, as well as the ability to use Uber split fare when paying.

From this post we’re going to talk about Uber split fare, what is it, how you can use it, when you should use it, as well as many more other important information.

What exactly is Uber split fare?

Before we dive any further it makes complete sense that we put a definition to “Uber split fare.” It’s a feature that’s found in the Uber rider app , (This link has $20 promotion), which allows friends and family to split their fares.

Not you’ll be saving while using the Uber split fare feature, you’re also given the opportunity to travel with your friends knowing that each one of you will only be spending a couple of bucks literally.

Before the total ride fee is split, there’s a 25 cents charge to each individual participating in the fare split as a fee to utilize this feature. Once this fee is out of the way then the total of the charge for the ride will be divided among the riders.

How can you use the Uber split fare option?

It’s a pretty simple feature to use. As usual you’ll request for a ride and wait to be matched. As soon as you’re matched with a driver you can setup the fare split requests.

How do you do so?

  • First, you’d go through your driver’s information.
  • Second, you’ll select “Split Fare.”
  • Third, you’ll choose your friends
  • Lastly, you’ll hit “Send.”

That’s all it takes. However, now your friends will receive a notification via a text message. From this text they’ll be able to either accept or decline the split fare request.

For those of your friends who are already registered Uber riders, accepting the request will send them directly to the app. For those who aren’t Uber users, accepting the request will prompt them to download the app.

That’s all it takes to split your Uber fare, as long as you do all of these things I state here you’re done. Uber will take care of the rest for you.

When should you use the Uber split fare feature?

You’re free to use it whenever it’s possible to you, Uber doesn’t have any restrictions as of when you should or shouldn’t use it. As long as you have friends who’s willing to ride with you, when to use it is definitely your choice.

The more of you riding together the more money you’ll save; however, you shouldn’t split your fare with more friends than the car’s or truck’s capacity.

How long do you have to send in your split fare requests until it’s disabled?

As long as your ride is still active you should still be able to send in your requests. The persons who you’re sending the requests to should accept or deny it before the ride is over.

In the event where the ride is over and your friends did not approve your request, you’ll be paying the fare alone. If some of them did accept it while some did not, the fare will be equally split.

What if you have a promo code and would like to use it?

When you split your Uber fare you can still use your promo code. Unfortunately for your friends, they would not be benefiting from your promo code.

With that being said, the code will be used exclusively toward your portion of the fare. The rest of the riders will pay their total portion of the fare. But you definitely can use your promo code as you’re splitting your Uber fare.


Uber split fare is a great option that allows its riders to split their fare with their friends, colleagues, and family. Although Uber service isn’t expensive, they never stop trying to make it more affordable.

If you haven’t tried this feature before, try it and you’ll always want to use it again and again.

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