How to Influence Uber Riders to Tip You Since there’s No Tipping Option in the App

tip for uber driversUber has emerged as the top contender in its market. We’ve seen and heard of so many other ride hailing companies, but none of them has ever been able to surpass Uber’s supremacy.

Given the fact that Uber has cut its fare rates to its drivers, the majority of them would like to see at least a tipping feature being implemented into this ever changing Uber application.

But to Uber Company it’s something that would most likely never happen. I’ve decided to write this post to tell you why as well as to share my opinion with you. Feel free to add your input in the comment section so that this post can be sufficient for anyone’s inquiries.

Uber drivers would like to see more in revenue

The early days of Uber were exceptional; drivers throughout the states and some part of the world were making some pretty nice numbers. Unfortunately, the price cuts that we’ve seen during this company’s existence so far have greatly impacted our income, but not for the better.

Although Uber is the most powerful in the ride hailing market, they claim their price cuts were to create more ride requests, which would mean more money for drivers. But one thing that Uber doesn’t realize is that ride volume can only increase so much in response to lower prices.

As Uber drivers, those rate fare cuts have surely hurt us instead of helping us. Even those who’re in charge have seen that as well since they have increased their rates back a little more in some cities. Nonetheless, revenues aren’t what they used to be and drivers are asking for changes.

Tipping option in the app could make a big difference

According to Uber, tipping is subject to racial biases. Not that they wouldn’t want drivers to be able to receive tips through their app, but they claim that some drivers wouldn’t want to work in the poorer neighborhoods thinking that their tips would be lower if they would receive any.

But on the other hand, Lyft has enabled this feature in their app and we haven’t heard any of such discrimination. So, is it really the case or is there something Uber isn’t telling us?

After all, drivers would want to work more knowing that they would get tips as incentives, it would also mean more money for them and Uber. It would be a win-win situation, so why is that a problem to them?

And to be honest, if Uber drivers want to stay away from certain neighborhoods that aren’t doing too good financially they could still do so. Some people in some neighborhoods have the habit of tipping their drivers, yet those drivers still work in the other places where they never receive any tips from.

With that being said, I don’t believe that Uber’s claim is authentic because we do have some examples to prove it wrong as I have shared here with you. The strongest one is the fact that Lyft has been doing so successfully without any problem.

Can you still be tipped off the app while driving for Uber?

Although there isn’t a feature within the Uber app for riders to tip their drivers, you can still receive tips from those who are generous. Uber states it’s acceptable to receive tips from your riders but they are not required to do so.

They can tip you in cash without any problem; you won’t be in trouble for that long as you didn’t ask for it. Now, you might be wondering how Uber would know if you asked for tips. Very easy, some riders would be very likely to report you if you do.

How can you receive tips from your fares without having to ask?

It may be hard for some drivers, but if you really want to receive tips and improve your payments you’re going to have to work a little smarter for that.

Be nice to your passengers: Being nice is an important aspect that can help you to receive tips. Uber riders like to feel comfortable while they’re in your car, if you aren’t being nice to them, then they won’t be comfortable. If they feel like it wasn’t a good experience they will definitely rate you less than a five star driver, and you won’t receive any tips from them.

Air conditioning and music: The level of the temperature you like to be in may not be what the riders like. The type of music you listen to could also be different from what they like to listen to. So, asking them about the A/C level and the type of music they would like can make a big difference.

They usually like it to see that we care by asking those questions. You have nothing to lose by doing so, and even if it gets too cold or too warm for you, the rides are usually short anyway.
Greet, open door, and communicate: I’m pretty sure you all greet your passengers naturally. But for the sake of it I just throw it in here.

Opening the door for them is always a good gesture if you’re able to. You may not be able to get out of your car sometimes due to where you’re picking up your passengers, but if you can it’s always a good idea to boost up your chance of being tipped.

Communication is crucial unless the rider doesn’t want to be bothered by that. It may be a little tricky here because you’ll need to find out yourself if the pax wants to communicate. If they choose not to talk it’s best for you to stay quiet.

Keep your car clean: Hygiene is a must; a clean car is more likely to make your passengers feel comfortable. Check your car after each ride to make sure that you’re not left with any trash.

If you have to roll your window down for some fresh air before the next ride, do so because sometimes some passengers may leave some unpleasant odors. It’s a good idea to have some type of air freshener spray in your car. It can make it easier for you eliminating bad odors.

To close this chapter

Uber doesn’t want to implement a tipping feature in its app to enable drivers to receive tips, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make a couple of bucks here and there per day from tips.

Following these advises may help you with that because there are some people out there who know how it feels to be in our shoes. I hope you can come back and tell us how you’re doing on the road by following these tips.