How to Find Out How Much Money You’ve Spent On Uber

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How to calculate how much money you've spent on Uber tripsIf you’re someone who uses Uber on a regular basis, of course you would want to know the total amount of money you’ve spent riding with Uber so far.

You can’t just rely on Uber to take you wherever you’re going without having an idea as of how much the trips really cost you in a long haul.

Not knowing this information could be hurtful to your bank’s account because you may be spending more money than you think and not realize that.

A couple of days ago I’ve written a post on whether you should buy a car or ride with Uber. One thing to know in order to make this decision will definitely be the amount of money you’re spending on Uber trips.

For this reason, you’ve got to know this information to make sure you’re making the best decision financially.

Although you may be able to calculate your trips with a calculator or via Microsoft Excel, it would be too much work, especially if you’re someone who doesn’t have any time to spare.

Therefore I’m going to share a tool with you that’s able to give you your total money spent on Uber’s trips in just a minute. This tool is called Uber LeaderBoard & UberStats by the way.

How does it work?

In just two simple steps it’ll generate the total amount of money you’ve spent on Uber’s trips. They know that some riders share payments with friends through Uber split sometimes, so this tool take that in consideration as well.

The number you’ll get will only count the money you’ve spent. No need for your email address and your information will not be shared by Uber besides your number of trips and how much you’ve paid for them.

Step 1: First thing you’ll have to do is to take the UberStats link from Chemenda’s post and then drag it to your bookmarks bar.


Setp # 2: You’ll need to go to your rider’s account and login. All your trips details will be found there once you’ve logged into your account.

Once you see your details just hit the UberStats link I have you bookmarked. You’ll see a little popup notifying you that your trips info are being gathered.

In approximately 40 seconds you’ll be able to see the results show up. If you want to see how you’re ranked with all the other Uber users who have used this tool you can also do so.

On the bottom right you should see an user ID generated by the tool, copy and paste it into the box to get your Uber ranking.

It’s a reliable tool and very cool to use.

Here’s the list of the top 10 users as of today:

  1. 2429 trips made, and spent $54627
  2. 2292 trips made, and spent $40771, $786,  €100, £20
  3.  2081 trips made, and spent $91477, TRY90,  €106, £139
  4.  2015 trips made, and spent $37835
  5. 2010 trips made, and spent $46062, Fr.00, €354
  6. 1932 trips made, and spent $44964, CHF234
  7. 1931 trips made, and spent €738, $40129
  8. 1908 trips made, and spent €22500, CHF256, £264, ¥9, TRY193, $1175, AED322, SGD393
  9. 1904 trips made, and spent $22060.00, ($)9
  10. 1797 trips made, and spent $53419

Note that it works for more than one currency, you don’t have to be in the US to use it. Now that you know how much you’ve spent so far on Uber rides, why don’t you share your stats with us in the comment section?