How do I Become an Uber Driver without a Car?

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uber driver without a carThis is a question that’s being asked by so many passionate drivers who would like to make money as they’re doing what they like. But how can they become an Uber driver without a qualified car?

Unfortunately, many of them aren’t able to buy a decent car that would be qualified to drive with Uber.

If you’re one of those drivers, know that you’re not alone, and also know that there are options for you to become an Uber driver without a car that you can call yours.

From this article you’ll find one of the most common and most beneficial options that you can use to be an Uber driver without having to own a car.

Without further ado, let’s dive into our topic.

 How can you become an Uber driver without a Car?

It’s very possible to become an Uber driver without owning a car. There are many Uber drivers on the road today who aren’t the owner of the car they’re driving. The way this could be done is through the Uber Xchange Leasing Program.

What’s the Uber Xchange Leasing Progroam?

Uber Xchange is a leasing option administered by an Uber subsidiary and designed to fit with the flexibility that drivers value most.

This program is design for anyone who would like to be an Uber driver but doesn’t have a qualified car or doesn’t have a car at all.

It was created in 2014 from feedback of so many drivers who wanted to drive for Uber but didn’t own a car. One year later after its creation; nearly 20,000 drivers have participated in it.

How does the Uber Xchange Leasing Program work?

Comparing to the traditional car leasing option, the Uber Xchange is far better in many different aspects. You should see that too yourself by the time you’re finished with this article.

Low down payment: You don’t have to pay lots of money down in order to get your lease out of the door. There’s a requirement of $250 down for an Uber Xchange lease. Once this is paid, you’ll then have to pay a weekly payment which could be as low as $100.

Maintenance fees are included: When someone leases a car from the traditional lease places this person will be in charge of maintenance for that car. Contrary with Uber Xchange all maintenance fees are paid for.

You won’t have to worry about that. You’ll just have to take your car back to wherever you’ve leased it from and the maintenance will be done free of charge to you.

No mileage caps: This one is very important, especially to Uber drivers because as you’re giving rides it’s obvious that you’ll significantly increase that car’s mileage.

With the Uber Xchange Program there’s no mileage caps for the drivers. Drive whenever you want, as much as you want, no set limit for that.

No good credit needed: If this program would ask for good credit, I think everyone would prefer to buy a new car and start making money driving with Uber. Luckily, one doesn’t have to have good credit to participate in this program.

All credit levels are accepted; bad, fair, good, it doesn’t matter what your credit score is. As long as you’re a good driver and can prove that from your driving record check, you should be good to go.

According to Uber though, “Certain items present on your credit report may cause you to be excluded from this offer, including without limitation, a repossessed vehicle within the last 12 months, a pending bankruptcy, or a discharged bankruptcy within the last 12 months.”

If you don’t have any of these issues, there’s no reason for you not to be qualified for an UberX through the Uber Xchange leasing program.

No long term commitment required: You will not be put into any commitment when you apply for the the Uber Xchange. In fact, if you lease a car and after a month you feel like it’s not the right thing for you, you’ll be able to return it with no questions asked.

However, there’s a two weeks notice requirement for that, according to their fine print found on their leasing form.

It’s important that you read all their fine prints in order to know what to expect in case something comes up. You can never be too sure of anything these days.

No insurance needed: The car will come already covered and there’s no need for additional insurance coverage. As Uber drivers, we’re required to send in proof of our personal insurance’s card. Uber do have insurance for all its drivers, but there are some cases where the Uber policy will not cover your incidents.

Luckily for you, when you get an Xchange lease, you won’t have to worry about that. The policy Uber has on that car will be all you need.

What are the available cars to lease through Uber Xchange?

Chevrolet Ford Honda Hyundai Nissan Toyota
Cruze Focus Accord (pre-owned only) Elentra Altima (pre-owned only) Prius
Civic Sonata (pre-owned only) Maxima (pre-owned only) Yaris
Fit Versa Camry (pre-owned only)
Sentra Corolla

As of now, these are all the cars you can find from this program if you’re someone who would like to be an Uber driver without a car. This list is subjected to change because Uber is planning to have a wider diversity of cars in it.

But for the time being, you can choose from any of these cars listed above to start driving with Uber.

A list of the cities Xchange leasing is available at

Greater MD
Los Angeles
Orange County
San Diego
San Francisco
Washington DC
San Antonio
State College

There are some cities where you would have to rent a car through the Uber program. You can do so through Rent-A-Car and Hertz. The requirements are the same; no credit check need, no mileage caps, no insurance needed, etc.

Those cities are as followed: San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, Chicago, Boston, Denver, and New Jersey.
How can you register as an Uber driver without a car?
Here’s the link to do so, click here and it’ll take on the page. At the top of this form where it says “SIGN UP NOW” click on “I need a car” and then follow the rest of the instructions.

Once you’ve done with all the application process which should take you a short one. Your background and driving record will be checked. This may take a couple of weeks depending on where you reside.

If you haven’t heard from them and want to have an update, you can always do so by contacting them. You should receive some emails as well as text messages informing you on what’s going on as you’re waiting.

After all, it’s very possible to be an Uber driver without a car. The option is there for you, the only thing that’s keeping you from getting started is you.