From Two To Four Wheels with The UberPedal Ride Service

uberpedalAre you a cyclist who sometimes find it hard to ride your bike back home after a long exercise ride?

Or is the weather sometimes interfering with your bike riding’s schedule?

Although riding your bike is a great way to burn calories it does come with some side effects that you may have never heard of before. According to WebMD, if you’re a male, too many hours on a bicycle saddle can compress the artery and vital nerves leading to the penis which can cause erectile dysfunction.

If you’re a female, don’t think you’re so lucky because according to a study conducted at Yale which was published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, females who often ride their bicycles have decreased sexual sensation.

I don’t think it’s something you would want to do to yourself.

Uber pedal is the answer to those problems. It was created for people like you who like to ride their bicycles, but who sometimes wish they had another option to get back home.

What exactly is UberPedal?

UberPedal is another Uber service that allows cyclists to travel with their bikes. With a surcharge of %5 to the usual UberX cost, you can order an UberPedal to your destination. This UberX car will be equipped with a Saris bike rack which is able to fit up to two bicycles.

Meaning there’s no problem if it’s two of you and two bikes, the both of you can catch a ride on an UberPedal with just a touch on your rider’s app. Unfortunately, UberPedal isn’t made available in all cities yet.

Here’s what an UberPedal user named Holly Houser, the executive director of Pronto Cycle Share has to say:

“UberPEDAL is just one more resource that will make getting around by bike a flexible and efficient transportation solution in Seattle. Not only was it super simple to choose the UberPEDAL option, but the car came equipped with a rack that was quick and easy to load my bike on and a driver that was willing and able to help!”

Is your bike going to be safe?

You’re not the only one who’s asking this question, but according to Saris you can be sure of that. They say it themselves that their product is build to last. I’m thinking your bicycle should be firmly in place on that bike’s rack.

Saris is known for producing some of the best bike racks, they’re handbuilt and the company promises its customers a life warranty for this product.

That tells us one very important thing, those racks should be able to hold your bike firmly and safely throughout your ride.

Where can you find UberPedal?

As I previously stated, this service isn’t made available throughout the entire United States yet. Currently, you can find this service at these cities bellow.

  • Colorado: Boulder, Denver
  • Washington: Seattle, Tacoma
  • Oregon: Portland

How does the UberPedal work?

If you’ve been using any of the other Uber services before you shouldn’t have any problem using UberPedal.

There aren’t any extreme changes besides tapping on UberPedal from the app to ping for your ride. However, you’ll have to be in a non-busy spot where the driver will be able to pull over to help you mount your bike onto the rack.

An overview of UberPedal fees in Seattle.

An UberPedal ride in Seattle, WA will cost you at least $9.50. In other words, this is the minimum fee you’d be expected to pay for your trip. You might think it’s a lot but to be fair to the drivers it isn’t that much.

From this minimum fee, Uber has to take its cut which drastically decreases drivers’ portion. In my opinion, it’s not too bad of a deal for riders.

Here’s a  breakdown of how Uber comes up with the charge for this service:

  • Base Fare:$6.35
  • Cost Per Minute:$0.24
  • Cost Per Mile:$1.35
  • Cancellation Fee:$5
  • Service Fees:$1.30
  • Minimum Fare:$9.50


As one of Uber’s goal is to transform the way we commute, they’re trying to make the service accessible for everyone.

It doesn’t matter if you’re traveling with your bicycle or your dog you should still be able to catch a ride to wherever your destination may be.

Photo credit: Bicycle Retailer