Everything You Need to Know about UberPool

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Uberpool riders

Stuart Goldenberg

Uber was founded to enable cab’s or taxi’s riders to have better experiences when it comes to commuting. Not only the experiences are far better, the money being spent on an Uber trip is also very low as compared to other taxi companies.

It’s one of the reasons why Travis Kalanick and Garrett Camp refer to Uber as a ridesharing company instead of “Taxi.”

They came up with the UberPool service to make Uber even more affordable. Riders are able to pay even less for an UberPool ride, which is unbelievable.

What you should know about UberPool

UberPool is actually a new and more cost efficient way to get around. Not only it’s an affordable and efficient way to travel, it can also take some daily stress away through the meeting of new people.

UberPool allows two riders to share their ride. Depend on the distance you’re going your driver may drop off your co-rider and pick up another one on the way. But this usually happens if you’re traveling a distance which isn’t too short.

Would you still get to your appointment on time when your Uber driver has to do more than one stop? The average of additional time an UberPool ride take is less than 5 minutes. It means that you’ll have to request your ride a little earlier than usual if you’re riding through UberPool.

The app also tells you an approximation of time that you’ll reach your destination through the “Arrive By” feature they have on there for you. It’s a good idea to know that because you don’t know where your co-rider is going. That does give riders a peace of mind.

You’re allowed to have one additional rider with you, no more than one. If you have more than one rider with you the driver can cancel your trip.

How does UberPool works?

The UberPool service is very simple to use. With this service your cost is split with another passenger or more who’s or are headed along a similar route with you as I’ve mentioned already.

There’s nothing to worry about concerning your ride, it’ll still feel the same way as if you were hiring an Uber driver to yourself. Except in the case of UberPool you’ll be with a complete stranger or even more than one.

When you send a request for an UberPool ride, you’ll get picked up in five minutes. Additionally, when a match is found for your trip you’ll also be notify of that and your co-rider’s first name will also be sent to you.

Here’s How it Works:

  1. First of all, ensure that you’re running the latest Uber app.
  2. Select UberPool in your Uber app and then enter your pick up and drop off locations as you would do for any regular trip request.
  3. The price of your trip will show up with the time you’ll reach your destination. This time is the latest time you can reach there, it’s not an exact time. With that being said, you’ll be more likely to get to your destination before the shown time.
  4. Lastly, you’ll just have to hit “Request UberPool.
  5. Then wait for your ride.

Can you bring luggage?

You’re free to bring your luggage but keep in mind you won’t be alone in the car. Since you’re allowed to bring luggage, your co-rider is allowed to do so as well.

You’ll need to pay close attention to the size of the luggage you want to bring with you on an UberPool ride. You’ll want to leave enough space for the other person, remember both of you will be paying the same amount.

It only makes sense that you act with complete fairness toward your co-rider. In return you all will have a great experience.

Why do they keep talking about UberPool affordability?

It’s because there’s absolutely no comparison to it when we’re talking about the cost. Uber X is already a cheap ride when compare to the others. UberPool is even cheaper than Uber X making it the cheapest ride you can ever get from a regular nice looking car.

The cost of an Uber X ride is 40% cheaper than a taxi cab, and the UberPool costs only 50% of an Uber X ride. It’s ridiculously cheap when you think about it.

With all that being said, do you think UberPool is something you’ll be interested in?

Or If you’ve been riding through UberPool please let us know how’s your experience thus far.