Driving With Uber: How safe are Uber Drivers on the Roads?

driving with uber and safetyDriving with Uber is something many people think about at one point or another, especially if you’re working at a current job where you have some extra period of times to spare.

Nonetheless, after so many drivers unfavorable stories that we’ve been hearing from the media, many potential Uber drivers aren’t sure whether or not it’s something they could give a try.

If you’re reading this post I assume that you’re in the middle of making such a decision. You’re wondering if you should really start driving with Uber and if you will be safe in your car with some complete strangers driving around.

You’ve come to the right place for this answer, and I’m going to do my best to explain to you how your safety is with Uber as a driver.

Not only that, I’m also giving you some pieces of advice on how you can further protect yourself while you’re driving with Uber.

So, is it safe driving with Uber?

As Uber drivers we’re required to pass a background test, to pass a driving history check, and there might be more to that which we may be unaware of.

All this is done to protect Uber riders, to ensure that our riders are safe when they’re picked by us to take them to their final destinations.

Unfortunately, when it comes to Uber drivers, we don’t really have enough information on how we’re being protected. As far as we’re concerned, protection is needed for both parties since we’re both a stranger to one another.

To get back to our topic’s question, driving with Uber is definitely safe. As a driver, you’re protected as well as a rider. But how is that done, and can you really trust that protection?

How are Uber drivers protected behind their wheels?

Keeping you safe behind the wheel is one of Uber’s main dedications. Anonymous pickups are non-existent to Uber, if someone doesn’t have a real account including all of the required information, this person won’t be able to request a ride with Uber.

As soon as you accept a ping to pick up a rider you will know the name of the rider as well as where you’re going to pick up her or him up. Having the complete name of the rider is very important.

In the event that you have to contact the rider to ask for location, your phone number will not be shared and that goes for both parties. Phone numbers are anonymous, communication is done through alternate phone numbers.

In many locations around the world, Uber uses technology that anonymizes rider and driver phone numbers to keep contact details confidential. So when you and your rider need to contact each other, your personal information stays private.

It’ll also be helpful to you to note that each rider will have a different phone number, so if you have just contacted the previous rider and have to contact your current one again, you’ll have to do so from the app, not from your recent calls list.

Here’s how to contact a rider:

  • First, select the clipboard icon on the top right.
  • Second, select CONTACT.
  • Third, select MESSAGE to send a text or select CALL to call your rider.

It’s as simple as that!

You can share your trips now while you’re driving with Uber

Another way that you’re being protected is by being able to share your trips with your loved ones. I think this is a great idea; it gives your family peace of mind knowing your whereabouts in case something goes wrong. You can stop sharing at any time though, which is also a good option.

How to share your trips:

  • Look for settings, then pick Share My Trip in The App, or you can select that from the card in your feed.
  • Select your contacts then hit share
  • Do you want to stop?
    1. Just tap ‘Stop Sharing’ right from the map while you’re online.

My own safety tips to you on driving with Uber

You don’t have to pick up every single request you accept. What do I mean about that?

If you live in a big city chances are there are some blocks or parts of your city that are considered to be dangerous. If you don’t feel safe picking up riders from them there’s no obligation to do so.

Don’t work too late if your city isn’t safe enough. I know some people think that they’re safe as long as they’re in their car, but keep in mind you’re picking up strangers.

Lastly, take good care of yourself, sleep and eat well. Some drivers make these mistakes, failing to take care of themselves in order to have more time to drive with Uber. I know you need the money, but if you’re not taking care of yourself you’re putting yourself in danger.

So, take care of yourself as you’re driving with Uber, you’ll sure have a better experience.


Driving with Uber has allowed us to make money on our spare time, some people even drive with Uber full-time and they’re happy if what they’re making.

But knowing that steps are being taken to ensure that we’re safe behind our wheels is even more important to us.

From this post, I’ve highlighted some important steps that Uber has taken to protect us drivers on the roads.

If you were wondering whether or not Uber even cares about the safety of its drivers, now you know at least there are efforts being done to protect us, although more efforts are still needed.

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picture credit: Calibre Consulting