Do Uber Riders Know The Importance Of Five Star Rating To Their Drivers?

uber drivers rateIf you’re an Uber driver you know exactly what this blog post is going to lead you. We’ve all struggled with this current five star system because it’s not something that we can really get used too.

Driving for Uber and being rated by the five star rating system is something most drivers don’t support including myself.

And we all have our reason for that because most of the time we have no idea as of why we’re being rated as 4 star-driver when we know that we did everything we could possibly do to earn a five star.

I was able to conduct a little research on my own, when I say research it’s more likely a case study. I’m going to share with you why you’re receiving four stars when you know that you should have received five star rating.

Without further ado, let’s dive right into our topic.

I have two great points to share with you and they’re coming directly from some of my passengers.

1- Four star is a great rate

According to Uber, drivers need to keep their rating over 4.6, if your rate drop to 4.6 you’re at risk of getting deactivated. Unfortunately many riders feel that rating their drivers with a four stars is a great rate.

Four star-rating could be a great rate for any other cause, but in the case of Uber it’s a very different thing. Even some riders are complaining about how their rate has dropped so low with only one four-star rating.

I had to explain to some them how bad a four star rate can be to a driver and frankly they did not have any idea of that. Uber takes this rating system very seriously while the persons who are rating us don’t know the importance of it.

Do you see the our problem?

It’s unbelievable, but true. Since riders’ rate does not hurt them as much as us drivers they think our rating works the exact same way.

Riders don’t get deactivated for a low rating, but us drivers do. They believe our rate means the same thing as theirs which does not in reality.

It’s not their fault though, Uber does not explain that to them. If they don’t do their own research to find what it’s all about there’s a great chance that they won’t know.

2- They have no idea that drivers can get deactivated due to low rating accumulation.

I’ve touched on it a little from the previous paragraph, but I have some more to say concerning that.

Especially during big events, drivers rate can drop very fast due to the surging in price.

The riders know that we’re not the reason for the surges but they still take their frustrations on us by giving us bad ratings. Any rate below five star is not considered as a good one for us.

Uber knows this rating system is not fair to its drivers but they still has not changed it yet. We’ve heard it will be changed to something like “Thumb up or thumb down” which could be better, but only time will tell when this change will be made.

Most of us drivers are trying to do everything possible to have good ratings, but most of the time we’re so disappointed when we check our rate.

We cannot keep on giving things to riders anymore

We were told that if we provide gifts for our riders we will get five star-rating, but this price cut sucks. It can no longer be done with this current payment rate.

The cut in the price rate makes it hard for us drivers to give out things like water, candy, gum, etc…

This was a good gesture to help us receive five star rating in return, but we cannot keep doing that with this price cut. We wish we did not have to change that, it’s not our fault.

Hopefully the riders understand the situation.

How can you try to persuade your riders to give you five star?

If you’re driving at night during weekends it could be a little harder for you to receive five star rating. Most of the riders are intoxicated at this time, if they choose to rate you this same night it might not be too good of a rating for you.

One thing that I’ve found to be very helpful is to keep them entertained. Now I know it may be hard for many of you to achieve because not all of us like to laugh and joke.

But if you can joke with them while you’re on the road then you’ll have a great possibility of receive a five star, even a great comment as result.

But you should know first if this person would like to talk. Oftentimes, passengers don’t feel like talking, it might be a bad mood they’re having or they might be sleepy and trying to take nap.

Especially when they’re drunk, they can get into your vehicle and start sleeping. This is one of the reason why I don’t like when they want to guide me to their house or to the place they’re heading.

I prefer them to tap in their address in case the fall asleep I won’t have to worry about getting wrong directions. Trust me, it happens even when they’re not sleeping.  🙂

If you want to joke around with them, be careful on what you’re saying. You don’t want to sound disrespectful to them, some jokes are appropriate while others may not be so appropriate.

It’s up to you to know which joke is good or not for your passengers.

Be nice to them!

Open the door for them when you can, most of them like that and it can help your rating as well.

What do you do to help with your rating? Please share with us.


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