6 Crucial Advises To Get Five Star Uber Driver Rating

As Uber drivers, we’ve all started with a rating of five star. We all would love to keep our five star rating unchanged, unfortunately it’s something that’s very hard to achieve.

Nonetheless though, there are many ways that can help you to keep your Uber driver rating as five star. Many drivers manage to achieve that, but many others have failed and keep failing.

Your rating is an average of the sum of all your ratings. In other words, it’s an average of the sum of all your ratings divide by the their total number.

To be more precise, Uber uses your very last 500 ratings to calculate your Uber driver rating. If you’re under the total of 500 hundred ratings then all your ratings are counted.

How can you keep your five star Uber driver rating?

I’ve seen this question being asked in so many forums because it’s something that’s very hard to do. The reason for it being so hard is because many riders don’t really know the importance of an Uber driver rating.

Most of the riders think that rating a driver with four stars is a great rating. It may not sounds bad but a couple of four star ratings can dramatically decrease an Uber driver rating.

I will share 6 tips with you that should be able to improve your rating, and maybe help you to be a five star Uber driver rating. Let’s get to the list…

1- Be friendly: This is a very important characteristic for a good Uber driver. Many riders would tell you how they enjoy being in a car with a friendly driver. They want to feel like they’re riding with a friend, not a taxi driver.

We’re sharing the ride after all, that’s why they call it “Rideshare”.

It’s also one of the many things that distinguish us rideshare guys from the taxi cab drivers. From what I’ve heard many cab drivers only focus on the road, no interaction with their passengers whatsoever.

We should be different from them, a good conversation while taking your passenger to his or her destination is a good thing. Unless this person does not feel like talking, not everyone would be in the mood to communicate.

Sometimes riders like when they’re given permission to change the radio station. I do that most of them time. If they like the music that’s currently playing they would say it’s OK, but if they don’t they usually like the permission.

Don’t show them you’re too serious, although you may be serious. They like when we’re very laid back, especially when they’re coming from bars.

2- Keep you car clean: To be a five star Uber driver a clean car is a must. There’s no other way around that, if your car is dirty there’s no way a rider will rate you well.

I was dropping a rider to a bar last night she was telling me how she had to cancel a cab trip in the past when she saw how dirty the cab was.

That should tell you something. A clean car is very important for an Uber driver rating. They may not cancel the trip once they see your car, but they can make you wish they’ve cancelled once you see your rating.

Not only you need to keep your car clean, you have to keep it fresh as well. pull your windows down to refresh your car’s smell.

Sometimes a rider might leave a bad odor in your car, it may be cigarette smells or even alcohol scent. Pulling your car’s windows down should be able to do the trick.

After each trip check your car to see if any trash has been left behind before your next trip.

You don’t want to pick up your next passenger with your car fill with trash. They may understand you if you explain what happened, but it’s better to just clean it up first and no explanation would be needed.

3- Be on time: Do your best to get to your passenger on time. As soon as you accept a ping Uber sends a text the rider to let her or him know the approximated time you will get there.

And the rider is able to track you on your way as you’re driving toward her or him. Being able to make it there at a reasonable time is also a good thing for your rating.

That’s why Uber advises us not to login in the app unless we’re ready to drive. Always login when you’re inside your car or in a very close proximity to it.

4- Have a good navigation system: Use a GPS you’re used to because they’re not all the same. I’ve experienced that myself by switching from Google Maps to Wazer, it was a very different navigating system to me because I was not used to it.

Your phone may lose signal sometimes if you’re driving between tall buildings while you’re with a passenger, which may or may not affect your navigation.

But if it does, make sure you acknowledge your passenger so you can know where’s your next turn. Taking the wrong turns is not something riders like us to do given that they’re paying us per mile.

Since we can’t be perfect all the time, you may find yourself on a different route instead of the right one. If it will cost your passenger more because of your mistake, complete the trip like a mile before the final destination.

When this happens to me I usually tell them that and show them I’m completing it from my phone so they won’t get charged for the last mile of the trip.

They always like this gesture because it tells them I did not do it in purpose.

Before you start navigating ask the rider if he/she has a favorite route. I’ve found that sometimes our navigation system makes us drive more than we would have to.

If the rider knows of a route that she would prefer to take it would be better if you follow her direction. taking the longer routes can definitely affect an Uber driver rating.

5- Some bottles of water: It may sound too much but I’ve heard it’s a great way to encourage Uber riders to rate you as a five star Uber driver.

It’s not something I’ve tried yet, but from what I’ve heard I will definitely give it a try. Riders may need water anytime. Specially if you work when the weather is not cool enough.

Offering them some water is a nice gesture, even if they say no to water the fact that you’ve offered it could still help your rating.

After some time at a bar your bottle of water could be very helpful to a passenger. They usually don’t use their money to buy water even when their thirsty.

Being able to receive a bottle of water from you could mean something to your passengers.

6- Have an auxiliary cord: You would hear people refer to it as an aux cord. This cord can be used to connect a cell phone to your car system without having to be on Bluetooth.

But, you car would have to have the aux port for it, if not then there’s no need for it.

Having one of these cords would allow your passengers to listen to their own music from their phones if they wish too.

If you want to be a five star Uber driver you’ve got to do everything you can to make your passengers happy. After all, it’s not too difficult to make them happy.

Share with us in the comment section how you’ve managed to be a five star Uber driver rating.