Which Car To Buy To Drive For Uber Or Lyft?

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Are you thinking about buying a car to work as an Uber or a Lyft driver but don’t know which one to buy?

You’ve come to right place!

There’re so many cars to choose from when you’re ready to buy a car. Usually we buy cars mostly depend on their looks because we love beautiful cars.

But if you’re buying a car and knowing that you will be making money with it by driving for either Uber of Lyft ride-hailing company, your approach should be different.

You may have already known that, all cars are not created equal. I think this is exactly why you’re doing your research prior to buying your car.

Some cars may be good cars, but in the context of ridesharing they’re not ideal.

As a way to help you with your research, I’ve compiled a list of some cars that may or may not look attractive to you which should be your best bet to drive for Uber to make money.

What should you look for in car that you’ll drive as an Uber driver?

Gas mileage is the most important aspect to look for. You’ll be driving around, or back and forth, you’ll be burning lots of fuels. A car that does not possess a good gas mileage can be a burden.

You don’t want to drive and using this money you’re making to fueled up your car. It’s not the way it should go, I’m pretty sure you agree with me.

The newest model even comes with blind spot monitors. As an Uber or a Lyft driver you will be driving more than you would usually do, having blind spot monitors can prevent you from getting into many accidents.

If Prius detects a vehicle in its blind spot, the available Blind Spot Monitor (BSM) system alerts you through an illuminated indicator on the appropriate side mirror to help you determine when it’s safe to change lanes.

Mitsubishi Mirage is the second great car in this list that you can buy to drive for Uber. This car has made its owners the happiest drivers.

Not only it’s saving them money because it’s very fuel efficient, it also has plenty of room. A car that will be used for ridesharing should be comfortable; this one is the exact meaning of that.

Read what its current owners are saying:

 I absolutely love my new car!! My gas goes so much farther than any other car i have had. I love that it tells me my average gas mileage per trip; by Courtney.

Just purchased the 2015 Mitsubishi Mirage and I am very impressed with everything about it. I named her Squirt because she is just too cute. The get up and go shocked me. I look forward to saving gas and the awesome warranty also. I shopped around and you just cant beat this economy car; by “Squirt.”

If you’re someone who likes SUVs and would like to get one to drive for Uber, a Dodge Durango would be great for you. For an SUV of this size this truck does not burn its fuel fast.

Driving a Dodge Durango will give you 18 MPG on city roads and 25 MPG on highways, it’s unbelievable but true.

According to US.NEWS Dodge Durango is ranked fourth out of twelve affordable SUVs, this again is a reason for you to buy this car. It’s not too expensive according to this site.

This list would not have been completed without the new designed Toyota Camry. I myself own one of them, I must say if I had to do it all over I would still choose this Camry.

This car runs very good, I own the SE version which has the ability to drive like a sport car.

Although the legs’ room is not too large, the space is just enough for riders. If you have an LE version you will have more room because they’re a little larger than the SE.

When it comes to MPG, Toyota Camry will give you  21-41 MPG on city roads while you can get 31-39 MPG on highways.

Not bad at all!