Brand New Rideshare Company For Women Drivers And Women Passengers Only

chariot for women rideshare company

Have you ever wondered if rideshare companies Like Uber and Lyft are safe for female passengers or drivers?

Have you ever thought about becoming a driver or a rider for either one of those companies, but because you’re a female you felt it may be a little too risky for you?

You’re not alone because there are others out there who happen to share the same fear with you.

Not only that, they’re taking actions because of that, and it may be helpful to you too if you’re still thinking about joining a rideshare company.

Chariot for Women is the name of a rideshare company made just for women. It was founded on February 9, 2016.

In fact, it hasn’t taken the road yet; they’re set to be active as of the 19th of this month (April 19, 2016).

Why Was this rideshare company founded?

Like every other rideshare company, this one too has a story as of why it was founded.

There’s a very concrete reason behind the foundation of Chariot for Women.

It happened in one terrifying night, after a year of picking up and dropping off over 850 passengers, Michael had his first unsafe ride. A 20-something man stumbled into Michael’s backseat, incoherently babbling behind his rolled-back eyes. Something about grandmother’s house—it was clear he had no idea where, or perhaps even who, he was. He would pass out, wake up, squirm violently and reach repeatedly into his pocket before passing out again. With few options left, a horrified Michael spotted a nearby police officer, pulled over the car and ran out for help.

That night has changed the way Michael viewed rideshare companies completely. He began to think of so many things that could’ve happened if he was a female driver.

For him himself it was a terrifying moment. There was no going back for Micheal after that night because he felt that he was lucky given that nothing had happened to him.

It did not take him too long to come up with the idea of having a rideshare company made for only females and children. He believes that if this could have happened to him, then it may have been worse for a female driver.

What does Chariot for Women mean to Uber & Lyft?

Uber & Lyft rideshare did not think about women’s safety when they were planing to get into this business. However, Chariot for Women is  fortunate to be able to learn from Uber’s and Lyft’s mistakes.

Chariot for Women may be at its initial stage, I think it will be a huge competitor to the two big ones.

There are so many women who would like to be a part of a rideshare company, but given that the majority of the drivers are males it kind of intimidate them. They don’t feel comfortable being with a complete stranger male behind the wheel alone.

Although we rarely hear drivers taking advantage of riders, women are usually the ones being victimized.

Chariot for women’s goal is to change that. I have a good feeling their plan will work as planned, but we can’t really know until we see how they do.

Is Chariot for Women Legal?

There are already some controversial about whether or not it’s legal. Some experts are saying it’s illegal to keep the males out because it becomes a sort of discrimination according to the Massachusetts law.

Founder Michael Pelletz declined to address the legal questions on Monday. “We’re getting our ducks in a row. Right now, we’re concentrating on launching,” Pelletz said.

What do you think about this company?

Is it something you’ll be interesting in when it reaches your city?

Please share with us in the comment section.

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