8 Things you may not know about the Uber Driver App

uber driver app

Must Known Features of The Uber Driver App

Uber ridesharing company was founded with the primary goal in mind to transform the way we commute. Today Uber rides can be pinged on almost all the continents and with the same level of easiness.

Drivers across the globe are using one single application, which means that this application comes with various different features that we may not acknowledge.

1- Over one million drivers

 The Uber app is being used by more than a million of drivers as of today. That’s a huge number of us and this number is still growing from day to day.

That itself should tell us a lot about this application, its maintenance shouldn’t be neglected or users could experience some very dreadful times.

2- It has everything you need as an Uber driver

For a company that’s being run exclusively via a mobile phone app, it does make sense that drivers are enabled to do almost anything directly from the app.

Over the past couple of years, we’ve seen so many changes being made within the app. Most of those changes have changed it for the better, making our job much simpler.

One thing I like the most among all those changes is being able to get paid anytime I want to. With this feature we don’t have to wait until payday to get paid, we’re in control of when we want our money.

3- Request a cleaning fee

A rider makes a mess in your car? Don’t worry, you can snap some pictures and send them to customer service for a cleaning fee.

Read this for more information on how you can request an Uber cleaning fee.

4) 24/7 customer service assistance

This used to be a huge issue for us, not being able to get in touch with Uber customer service when needed. In fact, not too long ago I’ve written a post on how to get in touch with Uber for support via their telephone line.

Luckily for us, it gets easier now, we can stop asking them for more, at least for this one for now because help can be found directly through the app. Not only that, it’s a 24/7 service since we can work anytime we desire to.

5- Find the closest and lowest/gallon gas station

Driving with Uber forces us to be very smart on how we’re spending our money for our cars. Let’s be serious here, we don’t get paid as well as we would like to although some people are making a lot of money driving with Uber.

If we don’t use our money wisely, we may end up making too little. Therefore, you’ve got to be careful when it comes to filling up your tank.

Those behind the Uber app have made a wonderful job in this sense. They implemented a feature within this app that enables us to see and compare gas prices.

6- Language options

The app doesn’t come with one universal language, that wouldn’t be ideal given the number of different countries currently using it.

When you download the Uber driver app it automatically comes in the same language as your phone.

7- The heat map

In the early days drivers used to complain about not knowing where they can make the most money for their time spent on the road, I myself was one of them. It’s really not a good feeling when you have to drive around and hoping to receive a ping.

With the heat map implementation, we’re able to see the locations where we can take advantage of some surges in prices. Not only that, we’re more likely to receive pings in those locations than not to.

I do think that’s a great idea to have such a helpful feature in the Uber app. If you’ve been using it you should see where I’m coming from.

8- Track your earnings as you’re driving

This one is very important for all drivers. You can keep track of your earnings to make sure you’re not missing any trips, although it’s something that doesn’t happen often, you can never be too sure.

After all, it’s done electronically, meaning errors may happen once in a while. I remember when I wasn’t too comfortable with that app I stopped working one night because my earnings weren’t being added.

As I was preparing to contact customer service,  I checked one last time and all my earnings were there without missing one cent. With that being said, sometimes that just happens, so be ready to see that.


If you were to ask me, “What do you think about the Uber driver app?” I would response to you, “I like it.”

All these features I shared with you in this post are some of the ones I think that are very useful. There are a lot more which I couldn’t remember off the top of my head. For example, the Pandora feature, one I just remember now.

If you’re planning to become an Uber driver using the app is the least you should be worrying about. Even if you don’t own a car it’s possible to drive with Uber.

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