10 Quick Tips To Better Help You Use Uber As A Rider

We love our smart phones just like Donald Trump “loves” everyone and everything 🙂

A study has found we spend 90 minutes per day on our smart phone. This is one of the many reasons why we have the Uber ridesharing company today.

Knowing that we spend so much time on our smart phone gives them a great advantage to attract us to use their service, which is also very helpful to us as riders.

Unfortunately, many of us are not too confident on how to utilize this phone application. While another group of us know how to, but we’re just making it hard on our drivers. How do we use Uber the right way?

I’m going to share 10 tips with you which should help you to be a better Uber rider as you’re also making the experience a better one for you.

Using the Uber  app could be very simple, but sometimes you can make it a little hard for your driver to locate you.

The app is designed for you to ping your driver to come pick you up wherever you may be. It’s very important that you make the right ping.

It’s also very easy to ping a different address unintentionally. If you’re planning to use Uber in the future this article could be very helpful to you too.

Without further ado, let’s just get straight to the list which contents 10 important points on how to use Uber.

Tip #1- Ping the right location

This is the most crucial one, it’s not for no reason it’s the number one in this list.

Having a wrong location from your ping request is not something that’s difficult to occur. For this reason you have to be very careful when you’re requesting your ride.

Both the driver and yourself don’t like when this happens, but you’re the one who’s in charge of that. If you ping in the right location, the driver will get to you, but if you ping in a wrong location, then the driver will just go as directed by the GPS.

Tip #2- Avoid surges if you can

We all hate surges, admit. Surge is when Uber increases its rate to attract more drivers on the road. We usually see surging in price when there are an event, or even when the weather is not too good. You can read more about price surging here.

if surge was not existed we would like to use Uber even more. But sometimes Uber comes with surges when we’re least expect it.

What can we do during those times?

If you’re not in any hurry a little wait can save you some money depends on how much is the surge. When demands exceed the number of drivers who are available, the price spikes up.

But once the demands and number of drivers are almost equal then the price starts decreasing to normal, which doesn’t take long to happen.

So if you would wait a little you wouldn’t waste too much time and you would save some money.

Tip #3- Walk to a less crowded area

As a an Uber or Lyft driver it can be very difficult to spot a rider from a crowd. This can happen to any driver, it doesn’t matter if you’re a new one or a more experienced one.

Picking up a rider from a crowd is hard work. However, riders can make it easier for drivers if they try to request their ride from a less crowded area.

Let’s say you’re in a big concert at a stadium and decided to get an Uber home. The main entrance of the stadium is packed with people, but that’s where you found yourself as well.

You would want to walk a little, like to an intersection of two streets where it would be easy to be found. When you do that you’re not only helping the driver but you’re also helping yourself because you would’ve had to wait longer for your ride.

Tip #4-Ping when you’re ready

Are you someone who likes to have your driver waiting for you instead of the other around?

This is a no, no!

To use Uber the right way, it’s better to ping when you’re ready.

Drivers hate it when they have to wait too long for their passengers to get on board. Specially during peak time when the rate is in their favor. Remember that Uber has cut its rate, making it harder for drivers to make money.

If you’re having them waiting for you while they could’ve been on their way picking up someone else who’s ready is not fair to them.

If you’re not ready, better yet if you’re not on your way outside don’t request your ride. Uber suggests that drivers don’t turn on their application unless they’re sitting in their car, it should be the same way for you.

If Uber doesn’t want you to wait long, do your drivers a favor of not letting them wait too long for you.

Tip #5- Avoid cancellations by the drivers after 5 minutes

Uber drivers are not advised to cancel their fares but there’re time when they don’t have any choice but to cancel. Most of the time an Uber driver would cancel a fare is when the rider takes too long to come in the car.

The good thing for drivers is that they make $4.00 when they’ve been waiting for 5 minutes and cancel. This $4 may be different from city to city, but at least in Tampa Bay Fl. that’s what they earn.

Riders may not like that, but it’s a way of rewarding drivers for having driven for no reason. If you don’t want that to happen to you, you would definitely have to be on time when you ping for an Uber.

Tip #6- Don’t call the driver

Not that you can’t or shouldn’t call your driver, but oftentimes some riders would call their drivers while they’re navigating to pick them up.

This put the drivers in a bad position specially if they don’t know the area well enough.

Remember they’re using a phone built-in GPS as their sole navigator.

Once you call them, that can get them off guard and cause them to miss a turn or two. Missing turns may prolong their driving time to pick you up.

If you want to call them, do so when you see they’re very close to you. I’m pretty sure you check your phone to see how far is your driver. It could be very helpful to both parties.

Tip #7- tap in your destination

You may have seen your driver’s phone start beeping while he or she’s on the way to your destination. When that happens he/she taps the screen and then go back to the GPS.

It’s a new feature that Uber has just implemented into the application which enables drivers to receive requests from riders who are at or close to your final destination.

In order for that to happen, you have to put in your destination’s address.

Many times riders prefer to guide their drivers to their destination, although there’s nothing wrong with that, the fact that drivers have this new feature available to them makes this become a little problematic.

If you can type in your destination’s address for your driver you make him/her a very happy driver.

Tip #8- Text the gate code

One issue I find myself having too often is having to call for gate numbers when I get in front of the gate.

If you’re apartment is gated I think it would be better if you text the gate number in advance before your driver gets there to the gate.

Almost every time I’m picking up a rider from a gated community I have to call for the gate number. I always receive the number, but it could have been faster for us if we don’t have to stop somewhere by the entrance to call.

Some of you may feel that giving out the gate number is not a good approach. If you think so then you’ll be better off waiting at the gate for your ride.

Tip #9- Tell the driver your preferred route

By telling your preferred route you can save a little.

Sometime a GPS may tell you turn this way or that way while you did not really have to do so. By making too many turns we may tend to drive longer, which also cost you more money.

If you want to avoid that you can tell your driver a specific route you would like to take. Your driver would be more than happy to agree with you.

Tip #10- Don’t eat in the car

Finally, if you want to use Uber and be happy with your rating, don’t eat in the car.

This is something that many people dislike, not necessarily Uber drivers.

Eating in cars can not only get the car dirty but also smelly.

Riders expect Uber cars to look good and clean, but if you’re eating in the back and dropping pieces of food on the mats, it won’t smell good.

The next rider who comes in after you will have a bad experience, as a result the driver’s rating would be affected. I’ve written a post about how important it is for us drivers to have good ratings.


Uber and Lyft drivers are doing everything they can to ensure that you’re having some good experiences. But themselves alone can’t do it.

Your help will always be greatly appreciated to make it better for you and them.

Yes, there are many things that need to be changed with Uber, this ridesharing company is nowhere near perfect. But if us as drivers and you as riders do our part it would be better for us.

Share in the comment section with us how is your experience so far with Uber or Lyft ridesharing.

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